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Fruitful Alternative Finance is a personal finance blog dedicated to making all things finance easy, comprehendible and accessible for everyone.


- Fruitful Finance did not have a brand identity that communicated its friendly personality.

-The website  needed to be inviting, easy to navigate and informative.

- Engagement had to be a priority in the use of the website


To express a friendly visual identity we created a logo that featured a lemon coupled with a pie chart to highlight the brands zesty name and financial theme. This demonstrated it's fun loving and easy going attitude to personal finance.

We worked with users to determine the best navigational approach to finding relative articles for their needs. We also included a comments section on each article to prompt conversation and feedback for the writer.

We also featured the email newsletter section heavily across the website, as building leads will be imperative for the next stage of Fruitfuls Growth.

Let's  talk about your customers needs and how we can work together to serve them !

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